The Shape of Water

Go! Watch! And tell me: Is there true love yet?!?! I mean, can we, commoners, love for real?

The Post

Go to the movies, people!!!! There's a promotion at TcheOfertas, Ita├║ Cine for R$ 9,99!!! Let yourselves ride away watching two giants performing (Tom Hanks and Maryl Streep) guided by another giant (Spielberg)!!! And go back home taking one of the best sentences I've ever heard: The Press is meant for the governed, not for the governors!!! It's an election year, folks... Can we trust the press?????


Prepositions are everything!!! At Scandal, from ABC, Francisco Vargas, the President-Elect, says on his speech: You will have a government to the people for the people and by the people That's what everybody wants, I guess. Usually, presidents simply govern the people