Let's NY?

Once a year our school would like to invite you for 2 different trips in New York, a 10 days trip diving into workshops and becoming friends to New Yorkers, and a 45 days trip, studying at NYU. Let's go?

We, very special people

Each one of us is special. Very special to God, for sure. And, being very special people, we deserve to be taught individually, having our learning process respected.

Soaps / Movies

At my time (I'm from 1960), to learn a specific word in English, we had to travel or wait for a foreigner to come and then ask him/her. Today we have soaps!!!! Best way to learn English and become fluent, for sure!!!!

Mag's Magazine

Why do we love gossiping so much???? More then that, besides knowing about the others, we like to tell about ourselves!!! Actually, we more than like, we loooooveeeeee!!!!


If Google could make you fluent, I would never bother to write a dictionary. (Actually, I wouldn't have an English school either). Thank God, Google can't!


Personalized, for sure. Respecting every aspect of your personality, of your learning style. You'll feel coached to learn at your best. Try us!